"Psycho" was established in 1993 by Avi Vanunu, and was a pioneer of its field.
"Psycho" differentiated itself by emphasizing high standards and excellent service as its main goals. It soon became the leading tattoo studio in Israel. The ethical and professional values, which "Psycho" was founded upon, have contributed not only to the studio's success, but also to the entire Israeli tattoo industry.
Under the supervision and guidance of Vanunu, "Psycho" has produced some of the finest Israeli tattoo artists in the market. Vanunu's involvement in the international tattoo industry has played an important role in importing the leading tattoo techniques to Israel, and, just as important, getting Israel's top tattoo artists worldwide recognition. "Psycho" passion for art in general and tattoo art in particular is without a doubt the reason for its staggering success and prominent position in the field of body art.